Here’s Seth with his first post for this blog. Exciting! Let me first tell you, I’ve always been a person who had to do with less than he wanted to. Raised by middle-class peeps who spoiled me until after I left the house (was asked to leave). Oh no! That comfortable nest is gone! No worries along my path I’ve learned a trick or two to do it with what I have. I use to be jealous of what others have or could afford when I couldn’t but those times passed.

No worries along my 12-year path I’ve learned a trick or two to do get over 5° Celsius (inside) winters, canned tuna and raggedy 6 years or older underwear! Of course, you’ll get a tat jealous and bitter when you see other people walking by with the nicest things. But that didn’t break me.  I developed an unspoiled attitude and discipline! I saw all those luxuries as an evil towards mankind and nature! I became very anti-capitalistic, out of the harsh reality of poverty but those tides have turned.

Riding those waves

Today I like to concentrate on the future and make my way through financial poverty by going from rags to simple cotton. Even though, when still in rags I’m happy, I know there is more to life than rags and I’ve been working for it for 12 years now. From there on I’ll likely want to move to quality cotton and perhaps one day even riches! Why only see the downside of life when you can have the upside too?

Form this time being, I’ll just have to do with what I have! I’m content with it! I do have some nifty abilities to take on this fantastic journey with me and I love to keep readers posted on what kinda stuff I’ve been up to in my quest to be able to afford cotton instead of rags. Besides my future wife would look better in silk underwear! 🙂

Not sure when I’ll be able to say I can afford simple cotton for myself. At this moment I can say, I already did well concerning the place I came from.  I came out a financial slump where I only had a 4 K to my name. I’ve already been saving up heavily over the last 12 years and can now say I ended up with 20K.

A repairable past

Nothing special you’d say but in those 12 years, having to pay rent, I wasn’t able to succeed at school or get a decent job. Due to the fact I’ve been emotionally and physically abused in my younger years that lead to depression and substance abuse. Which had a significant impact on my ability to save money or even care for my life.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve learned a huge amount of things while I was studying but I just didn’t find the outcome that promising. I want more out of life than to work for someone else. I’m very independent and I don’t like to rely on people who do not share my opinions which are most definitely golden at times!

Sadly It’s true that my depression and lack of self-worth led to suicidal thoughts. Which of course doesn’t really get you to do anything good for yourself. I never learned to value myself or my abilities because I have never got an honest evaluation from people around me. First impressions are a killer.

HermitSo I turned that ship around and I chose to become a hermit. I isolated myself for many years. At that point in life, things gradually got better but I also became paranoid and developed schizophrenia of which I now can say I’m ‘cured’.  I feared that people tried to blue pill me and force me back into ignorance again. Today I know they did try to do that. I won! On the other hand I realized I was swallowing red pills while fighting it. The red pills I’d been swallowing weren’t any good. Till this day I firmly believe in manufacturing and swallowing my own purple pills! A good blend of coffee always tastes better than one sort of bean on its own.

However, I still have major issues. Although I learned out of the steps I’ve walked through my life.  My discomforts from the past that still show up so now and then. Memories can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I do realize I fell into such a lifestyle because of my abusive past. schizophrenia, in my opinion, is something you develop because of the bad alternatives of opting out! All those idiotic ideas about conspiracies and secret organizations and all that nonsense are made belief and they go through a certain length to make those ideas feel and seem real. Beware!

All those idiotic ideas about conspiracies and secret organizations and all that nonsense are made beliefs and they go to a certain length to make those ideas feel and seem real or to keep them real! Beware!

Happy & free

Anyway. Today I can say I’m not jealous, schizophrenic (in a negative way, more like a bit goofy, weird and blissful now) or depressed anymore. I’m neither overly optimistic but I can rattle up enthusiasm whenever there is an exciting job to do! So now my job is to start taking care of my financial livelihood after taking care of myself emotionally.

I hope you have fun following me in my tracks. And I hope I can find and give support to those in need! Cheers!