Want Stocks? Forget About Feelings of Pain & Loss. Don’t Stop cuz of a Scare!

don't be too scared

Great title if I say so myself. Not that I’m a good writer or anything, but it does reflect how I think people should feel! It’s everyone’s own choice in the end but would you want to be that kitten that’s a scared cat when it grows up? Or will you see through the field of scarecrows to get yourself some corn for Thanksgiving this year?

Anyway, for me, it boils down to how I felt over the last days after I bought my first stocks in 4 different ETFs, let me tell you more after I tell you which one’s:

iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF IE00B4L5Y983




How did I feel in life and in the past few days?

Well, let’s be frank. I never felt like I was true self. I still feel like someone else most of the time because I’m a response to my environment, this forms my environmental Identity (public persona) and this isn’t really who I am. For me, the public persona is more like a sound/echo that spelunks through a cave. One which can be reformed by your own grace of course but I guess that’s Plato 2.0 or something like that. I’m an idiot, forgive me if I can’t name inventions someone already thought off.

Anyway, these last days after I bought those stocks I felt ‘scared’ (anxious) especially when I started losing money right away. What I learned through extensive reading is not to give in (up) to ‘the pain’ of losing something or someone. That someone being the financially more secure me. I took that loss and I also accepted ‘pain’ (discomfort) was inevitable when it came to ‘playing’ the stockmarket.

Was I scared? Not really no… swallowing a few times because you think you’re about to choke is not the same as being fearful. I kept breathing. I kept breathing the air that didn’t get thinner on me. I swallowed the so-called loss which was just a minor drop. That minor loss didn’t directly reflect an impact on my life anyway. It helped me prepare me for what might come. It’s strange to say such things but I hope the high complexity of these words may inspire some thoughts.

To continue the story, 3 days later the market was even lower. Instead of choking I saw this as a chance. A chance to buy other (more) stocks. I did that because I trusted in the market, it was a better time to buy. So instead of panicking while I saw the stocks drop I was hopeful and cheerful while it was dropping. When that happened I looked for an opportunity, the right time to start looking for diligence when trouble faces you. I analyzed the potential and looked for a good moment according to the graphs. What would be a good time to buy? I don’t know. I didn’t buy at the perfect time but I did buy some stocks at a dip. Some more days later that quickly went up.

By this time today, the stocks I bought in the drop turned a nice profit and those which dropped, in the beginning, were at zero again. This shows you that if times get though you don’t give in (up) to fears and just sell out (don’t you dare babe!) because you think you (it’s) lost. Even when people all around you tell you so, that you lost, you should be the one who is 100% assured that you are going to win the 2nd round. And if not the 2nd one of the other rounds. It’s vitality that brings us a flourishing world. Don’t let toxicity stop you or the world from turning in the right direction.

Don’t give up the first time you try. It will strengthen you for the next battle and as you can see in this 2 round war, I’ve had success! In 2.5 weeks time, my ETF’s went up 1% in total. That’s pretty nice!

Although I was fearful, I also was cheerful! Ever small drop instead of a big one was a victory. Every small profit at the end of a day was a turning point for glory! I’m glad I got into my first days of with these stocks and I’m curious what the future brings! A drop of faith will crush any sort of hangover!

Thanks for reading and stay strong even when you are brought to cry! Lot’s of love. Mr2.

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