I Pay Rent, I’m Single, yet I’m Able to Save 60% of my Income

Here we go another guy who posts how frugal he is!

Exactly… that’s exactly what I’m also going to do. Why might you ask? Well to put things into perspective… we are a growing group of environmental, budget-friendly people who are done with overpriced low-quality items sold to us by greedy marketers, with no souls might I add. They say it’s the gingers… I beg the difference! I’ve seen enough when I tried out studies in marketing just to broaden my horizon. Haha! Of course not for fun… Because when I was in it I noticed what kind of sickening industry it was. I did it to find a common ground perhaps let’s say a political career. I know people never like or liked to be fooled/cheated and mistreated.

I don’t see myself as a Don Quichotte or Sisyphus. No, not at all. I stopped doing the same things the same, all of the time, all over the place(kidding). I stopped hoping something will change, I accepted some screws are really rusty and need a hand of help and still won’t come off that easily. My ingenuity grows over the years. Especially when I go visit industries I completely hate for what they are. Not the typical stereotypical politician this one will be, some might one day say. I’m a hard knock life reformation kind of guy! I don’t want to change this world… I rather see it sort itself out and have it delete/recycle/improve some things. But that’s another story.

So why and how do I save 60% on average? Well firstly, let me tell you that I was educated in this trade out of necessity. I use to(still do) lived underneath poverty line(armoedegrens) in Belgium. I have literally frozen my ass off (humble thyself). I’m happy about it too. Spoiled fat cat ass I use to have when I still lived at my middle-class parent’s house. Anyway… I lived beneath the lowest income average for 10 years and I managed to save up some tricks I had to learn to survive financially. Some of these tricks I will share in later posts. I’m all-in for sharing!

Things I learned and which made me, me!

  1. Don’t sell out your principals because you’re having a (very long) hard time
  2. Make the best out of everything, this includes all your resources. (people/money/time/skills/…)
  3. Don’t get caught up in what others expect from you which you know ain’t good for you anyway (too much of anything really)
  4. Smile/laugh/don’t stress about the impact others have on you or your lifestyle (we are a growing group, find support!)
  5. When times get tough get tougher which is the same as point 1 I guess

Anyway. That said… I’m glad to tell you who read this blog it’s almost my birthday on the 3rd of December. I’ll be a 31-year-old! I’m glad! The years I counted as blessings have improved me as a person! There are some scary years ahead. This AI(artificial intelligence) thing scares me. I read a lot about it. People can monitor certain thoughts you have, make a profile about you and manipulate you by sending out cyborgs (soulless people) to influence you so it will advantage them as a group. Thus the AI becomes stronger.

Gladly enough I’ve always managed to stay one step ahead. It’s because I’ve been my own saving grace. I support and improve financial and emotional security and stability by diving balls deep into it. Sacrificing most of my life to it hasn’t been a pleasurable ride but one I’m proud of. It also has decent perks I don’t want to brag about. All by all it’s quite the task that won’t only provide you with financial security(BE WARNED). 🙂

But it’s one any strong minded person can handle! For me personally it’s something I stand for and will die for till my dying day and beyond (thanks to my grandparents)! Anyway let my dying day please be like 100 years from now or something… health care is improving a lot you know! 🙂

Want to know more about how I budget things? No worries… I will cover a wide range of topics on this blog. Not only stock (ETF) news but also financial/budgeting tips, emotional support and perhaps some recipes. Who knows! If one of you is inspired by this blog I’m already grateful! Cheerios! 🙂

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