Draw your Swords!

First position

I can’t believe it but yesterday I went for my first position and it was pretty scary. I slept quite well that night. I don’t know what will happen after the weekend. Anyway thumbs up! Here’s a link to my first position. I bought X amount of shares that day and i’m going to buy even more next week.


Like I said I bought these yesterday and throughout the day I stalked the stock. At about 11 am here in belgium the stock hit the day’s low at 44.785. Unfortunately I wasn’t home at the time. However with joy & fortune I was able to seal the deal at 47.79 around 4.15 pm. I thought this is it. Get to your Degiro account and buy yourself them stocks. I did. Together with the purchase I decided to spread my purchases over 2 month. So I will be investing a part this month and next month. By then i’ll have extra money in my account which also will go into IWDA and others. Namely…

My other positions

So this will basically be the plan right here.

  • IShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF IE00B4L5Y983
  • SPDR® MSCI World Small Cap UCITS ETF IE00BCBJG560

Percentage-wise honestly I don’t know yet how much i’m going to pick eventually, but there are some idea’s floating around in my head. But I think i’m going to pin it down like this.

  • 65% iShares Core MSCI World
  • 10% iShares Core MSCI EM IMI
  • 10% iShares MSCI EMU
  • 15% SPDR® MSCI World Small Cap

You are wondering why I’d get 10% extra on EU? Well for me this is simple. First I live in europe, second european economy is growing. These two on it’s own mean investing more into the EU to me. Besides I rather put more money in my continent than any other. I’m a tat patriotic like that. Always get your life in order first. In this case our Europe.

Excited to leave my safe little corner

After reading multiple blogs and how to handle life but frugally and financially I came to notice I’m pretty excited about this step in life. I already live like a Frugal weirdo’s, but now i’m also investing. I’m calling myself frugal weirdo because I tend to pinch every penny (cent). I also buy clothing at ridiculous prices (like a 3 euro levi jeans) and wear a scarf inside because I refuse to put on the heater. Yet at this point in my life i’m so excited I’ll warm up in no time.

Can’t wait to see where this first buy will go to. Hope this quick update is interesting to the 1 reader I might one day get. After all I’m just starting. Anyway. hope to bring you an update and news about more investments or a story about my frugality next week. I’m off now to go do some calculations because I still have to calculate how much euro’s exactly I should put in each of these this month. Cheers!



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