Timing is everything they say

 Timing is Everything!

Well… if we all know what would happen in time we’d be having quite a run. Unfortunately we can only look back to what has been and draw some expectations from it. That’s exactly what I did. I took a look at previous points and kept an eye on the prices. When I thought it was at a good price I bought. I didn’t take to many days thou because I knew I had to make my first position and couldn’t wait another. 3 or 4 weeks or longer. So I first set foot in the stock market.

Buying ETF’s wasn’t something I regret. Well atleast not at this point. Let’s be honest what do I know. I’m John Snow at this point. In a month a lot has changed and the month November has been a hobbly wobbly ride. Looking back at it, at this point, I made about 1% return on investment in 1 month. However I can’t count the times on one hand it was -1% too. Thus hobbly wobbly.

So I want to show you some graphs according to my timing and give you my idea about it, a bit. So let’s start with my first purchase IWDA. You can see 2 buying points marked in purple. As you can see it wasn’t the ideal time to buy but I didn’t do to bad either. I bought on the 10th & 14th of November 2017.

iwda month novermber 2017

Secondly I bought CEMU on the 14th of November. Looking at the monthly graph I’m pretty happy I bought it on the 14th. There was another good chance around the 1st of December but it wouldn’t have been such a huge different + I thought it was about time I took my initial position in these 4 ETF’s.

cemu november 14th 2017

Next I bought EMIM on the 15th of November 2017. Well. It’s not that I bought high but as you can see EMIM isn’t doing to great, at this point. However I still manage to squeeze out a 2.49 euro profit(included costs/tax). That’s better than nothing right? I take that little profit any time rather than a loss.

EMIM november 14th 2017

Lastly, I made step into small-caps. I hope ZPRS will give me an amazing time! Like that fancy girl I met in high-school if you catch my drift. 😉 I Bought on the 16th of November after the dip. I would have done better if I bought it on the 15th but then again… you can’t time the market. Timing is everything. You make sure timing is everything by making those make smart weighted decisions.

My next buy on all of these will probably be if there’s a bigger dip. I’m gonna wait a couple of weeks for now till another good moment presents itself. If not buy half januari, I’ll buy the same amount of what I already bought half november. I’ll still have 50% cash reserve left after that.

ZPRS 16th november 2017

So what do you folks think? What would you have done? Do you think I made good choices? Remember these is my first time in the market. I still need to learn a lot! Any advice is welcome so I can sharpen my sword! 🙂